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 !!! - Application Information - !!!

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PostSubject: !!! - Application Information - !!!   Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:48 am

Thank you for choosing the Graphics Department!

Especially over those swines at Media lol! <----- MEDIA RULEZ AND YOU KNOW IT Very Happy

But anyway!

If you want to be a Graphic Designer for =BTD= then you should read on ...

Here are some easy steps on what you need to do:


1. Make a NEW post under the Graphics Department 'Applications' Board and call it:

Application _Your Name_



Answer the following questions in it:

1. Why do you wish to join the Graphics Department?

2. Post as many of your creations as you wish here

3. Will you respect everyone not just here but in the other Technical Groups?

4. Will you stay here for ever and eternity Smile ?


Then you must wait!

Dont worry it wont be long, you'll be accepted into the group ( Hopefully ) And will have a blast of a time!

Thank you !

Head of Graphics
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!!! - Application Information - !!!
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